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PSA & VPSA Oxygen Plant

What is Oxygen Gas Plant?

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants In Chennai: Oxygen gas plants are designed to produce oxygen from the air by separating the oxygen from its different segments utilizing the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and Membrane Separation Technologies. Our manufactured oxygen gas plants are of first-rate quality, reliable and are extensively used for the Industrial facilities. The oxygen produced is 85-94% pure and are also suitable for Medical purposes to give oxygen 24*7.

Psa Based Onsite Oxygen Generator Plant

Oxygen Generator Plant works on the Principle of Pressure Swing Adsorption, widely termed as PSA. This coventional gas separation technology is being used to separate Oxygen from Compressed air. The Compressed, cooled, dried and filtered air passed through the PSA tower. The PSA tower filled with Molecular sieve. It adsorbs nitrogen and CO2 whereas Oxygen is not adsorbed by Molecular sieve due to its larger molecular size and passes through the molecular sieve to the surge vessel.

PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers In Chennai

Based on the prefixed time interval the regeneration mode started and Adsorbed gases from molecular sieve are purged out to the atmosphere. During this operation Oxygen analyzer monitors the oxygen purity and allows oxygen Gas to Storage tank. If oxygen Purity is less than the pre-set value PLC Switches the vent valve and purging out the gas till it reaches the required purity level. The major components are screw compressor, air cooler, pre filter, fne filter,activated carbon filter, PSA oxygen plant, Intelligent PLC, Oxygen analyzer and instruments.

PSA Oxygen Plants in Chennai

The model of the PSA oxygen gas plant has been designed accordingly to generate pure oxygen round the clock for medical purposes. Our every oxygen gas plant works on PSA standard and oxygen generate is very economical, require low maintenance and with confirmed purify. Such generators consume nitrogen utilizing the two vessels with zeolites and are in charge of nitrogen absorption.

  Capacity : 1 - 200 Nm3 / hr

  Purity : 93 ± 2%

  Pressure : 2 - 150 Bar g

VPSA Oxygen Gas Plant

VPSA represents the Vacuum pressure swing adsorption system. Oxygen gas plants following VPSA standard are highly effective, low automation, user-friendly and have designed to meet the specific requirements. This process acquire for the production and regeneration of oxygen and widely utilized for industrial applications.VPSA use vacuum assisted regeneration of oxygen in high capacity and provide a flow rate of above 200Nm3/hr. VPSA Oxygen Gas Plant is available with air fan and vacuum generator alongside with quick and convenient begin and stop. The plant provides pure Oxygen with the of twin tower filled with Zeolite Molecular Sieves.

Salient Features

  •   Full Automation : All systems are designed for unattended operation and automatic Oxygen demand adjustment.
  •   Lower Space Requirement : The design and Instrumentation makes the plant size very compact, assembly on skids, prefabricated and supplied from factory.
  •   Fast Start-up : Start-up time is just 5 minutes to get the desired Oxygen purity. So these units can be turned ON and OFF according to Oxygen demand changes.
  •   High Reliability : Very dependable for continuous and steady operation with constant Oxygen purify. Plant availability time is better than 99% always.
  •   High molecular Sieve : Life Expected Molecular sieves life is around 10-years for example entire life time of Oxygen plant. So no replacement costs.

How the VPSA Principle works

This procedure consists of 2 beds filled with Molecular Sieves. These cycle alternately in Production and in Regeneration. Regeneration of Molecular sieves is finished by the assistance of a Vacuum pump. The waste gas is 85% Nitrogen and 15% Oxygen which is vented to atmosphere. product Oxygen gas purify is 90 to 95%

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity : 1 - 200 Nm3 / hr
  • Purity : 93 ± 2%
  • Pressure : 2 - 150 Bar g
PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers In Chennai
PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers In Chennai


Medical oxygen gas plant is otherwise called a hospital oxygen plant, generates uninterrupted and pure oxygen for all medical applications. These can be utilized anytime and anyplace, according to your necessities. The medical gas plants generate oxygen by adsorbing nitrogen and other components from the air. Unic Care provides the superior items along with a fail-safe mechanism enables oxygen to fill in the backup cylinder automatically, audio and visual alarms likewise continue informing to maintain safety measures.


After the N2 and O2 separation device, there is an O2 after cleaning, testing and controlling cabinet consisting of O2 cleaning device Temperature testing device and Control Systems. Evacuating dust, eliminating bacteria and stabilizing pressure to ensure the oxygen outputted steadily and meeting the medical standards.

Clients just need to turn the start/stop button to gain the oxygen with designing required flow capacity and purify within 30 minutes . Single line and double lines types are available for choice. Clients are recommended to pick the single line type when they just require a stable flow capacity; choose double lines when demand is unstable and sometimes meet additional peak values.


Our manufactured oxygen gas plants are of first-rate quality, dependable and are extensively utilized for the industrial facilities.

  •   Hospital
  •   Petroleum works
  •   Chemical Industries or works
  •   Metallurgical Industries
  •   Electricity Generation works
  •   Glass Industries.

Key Benefits

  • Effluent Water and Wastewater treatment
  • Paper and Pulp Industries for Oxy bleaching and delignification
  • Chemical Industries for oxidation reactions and for incinerators
  • Glass Industries for furnace enrichment
  • Metallurgical Industries for oxygen enrichment of furnaces
  • Water and Wastewater treatment.

PSA Oxygen Plant Benefits

  • Low Inital Cost
  • Economical to Procedure
  • Produce as per demand
  • Avoid Cylinder Availability issues
  • Uninterrupted Supply of Oxygen
  • Gas Sensor and PLC based Warning system
  • Highest Purity up to 93 ± 3%
  • Online Purity Indicationt.
PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers In Chennai

Pharmaceutical Industry

PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers In Chennai

Glass Industry

PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers In Chennai

Ampules & Vials manufacturing

PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers In Chennai

Steel Industry

PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers In Chennai

Brazing industry

PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers In Chennai

Water Treatment

PSA Oxygen Gas Plant Manufacturers In Chennai

Chemical & Petrochemical

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