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Refrigerant Air Dryer


Refrigerated and heatless are two broad categories of air dryers available these days. Talking about air dryers remains incomplete without mentioning the concept of dew point temperature. It is the unit used to measure the dryness of compressed air. At this temperature, the moisture present in the compressed air in vapour form condenses to form liquid. Similarly, pressure dew point temperature and atmospheric dew point temperature are the two distinct temperatures of compressed air when under any kind of pressure and atmospheric pressure respectively. When we talk about the most advanced and cheapest mode of drying compressed air, refrigerated air dryers are quintessential.

Operation of Refrigerent Air Dryer

The principle on which the Refrigeration air dryer manufacturing takes place and subsequently works is that cooling of compressed air cause condensation of water that is carried by the compressed air in vapour form. The cooling takes place in two stages in the refrigerated type of air dryer. The compressed air enters the refrigerated type of air dryer at about 40 degree Celsius. It enters the pre-cooler firstly wherein the outgoing cool-dry air cools the incoming hot-wet air. The outgoing cool-dry air on the other hand is heated upto an operating temperature of about 28-32 degree Celsius. This partially cooled hot-wet air then enters the evaporator wherein it is chilled down to a temperature of about 2-8 degree Celsius. The chilling down of the hot-wet air condenses the moisture bored by the air in vapour form. Next, the chilled air bearing condensed moisture is subjected into the moisture separator, which is a mechanical equipment that helps separate the condensed moisture from the air by mechanical activity. The moisture separator drains out the moisture via an automatic drain valve. This cool-dry air is then passed through the pre-cooler as mentioned above. In a nutshell, this process produces dry air which can be obtained through the outlet. This dry air is of a pressure dew point temperature of about 4 degree Celsius or as required but above 2 degree Celsius. The amount of power consumed by drying air in the refrigerated air dryers is approximately 5.0 kwh for 1000 cubic feet per minute of air.

Easy to install

Our refrigerated air dryers follow the plug-and-play concept, meaning you can easily install your unit

Minimal maintenance, maximum uptime

Our ranges of refrigerant dryers require a minimum of maintenance and hence can deliver a maximum of uptime. Reducing your production costs through less downtime

Reliable system protection

Our refrigerated dryers offer a reliable, economic and simple solution to avoid condensation and thereby corrosion in your systems


  • High quality heat exchangers with low pressure losses
  • Energy saving mode – shuts dryer off during low loads
  • Anti freeze mode – shuts dryer off to avoid icing
  • Low operating costs
  • Compact design
  • Effective condensate separation
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Simplified access to unit for easy maintenance.