Physical Properties of Ozone

  •   Ozone absorbs radiation firmly in the ultraviolet region of the atmospheric spectrum between 220-290 nm. This protects the Earth and its inhabitants from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. Without this Protective layer, increasingly ultraviolet radiation would reach the outside of the Earth and cause harm to the plant, creature and human life.
  •   Pure ozone is a blue gas, with a strong irritating smell. Whenever breathed in, it causes a headache and nausea. In smaller proportions, it smells Pleasant.
  •   It is about 1.5 times heavier than air and has a vapor density of 24, corresponding to the formula O3.
  •   It is more soluble than oxygen in the water, about 49% by volume at 0°C.
  •   It gets liquefied to a deep blue color liquid when cooled in liquid air.
  •   It boils at 161.2 K and solidifies to violet-dark crystals, which melt at 80.6 K.
  •   It dissolves readily in turpentine oil and acetic acid.

Chemical Properties of Ozone


Ozone Safety

Ozone is a strong oxidizer that is commonly not harmful to mammals at low concentrations, however lethal to microorganisms, for example, such as bacteria. Be that as it may, ozone, similar to some other strong oxidizing agent, can be harmful if not dealt with properly. Our OSHA and ozone page has specific numbers on safe ozone levels.

Potential Health Effects as listed on the Ozone Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS):


Ozone causes dryness of the mouth, coughing, and irritation of the nose, throat, and chest. It might cause labored breathing, headaches, and fatigue. Be that as it may, the characteristic sharp, pungent smell is readily recognizable at low concentrations (0.005 to 0.02 PPM).

Corrective Measure

Move to fresh air, loosen tight clothing Call medical consideration if necessary. In the case of breathing is troublesome, a trained individual/EMT should administer oxygen at 15 LPM via non-re-breather.


Absorption through intact skin isn't expected.

Corrective Measure

Wash skin thoroughly with Soap and water.

Eye Contact

Ozone can be an irritant to the eyes causing minor inflammation.

Corrective Measure

Flush eyes with a lot of water for at least 15 minutes while forcibly holding eyelids apart to ensure flushing of the entire eye surface. On the off chance that irritation, pain, or different symptoms persist look for expert medical attention.