What is Nitrogen Gas Plant?

Nitrogen Gas Plants based on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principle. PSA is considered to be the elementary and reliable methods to separate nitrogen from the compressed air after the adsorption of oxygen. These plants are custom made and are generally utilized for all Industrial facilities and applications.

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant

The gas plants following the PSA principle is composed of two adsorbers loaded with carbon molecular sleve (CMS). The technology utilized for the production of air-to-nitrogen utilizing the adsorption method is being widely utilized in the industries to acquire the high-purity nitrogen. Design of the system entirely dependent on the regeneration of the adsorption and adsorbent as for the change in pressure of two adsorber-adsorbent containing cylinders.

PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant Models

Oxygen 0.1-2% 10 to 500-ppm 1 to 3-ppm (max) 1-ppm (max)
Hydrogen Nil Nil > 0.5% Nil
Nitrogen 98-99% 99.5-99.999% Balance 99.9999%

Membrane Nitrogen Gas Plant

Membrane nitrogen gas plants are widely utilized in the food and beverage industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, glass, electronic, metallurgy and petroleum industries. The working of membrane system depends on the differential velocities of the gas components infused inside the hollow fiber membrane. Because of the partial difference in the pressure of external and internal gases, the separation is obtained.

Technical Specifications

Capacity Purity Pressure Dew Point
1 NM3/hr to 5000 NM3/hr 95% to 99.9% 5 - 25 Bar g (-) 70°C

Lab Scale Nitrogen Gas Generator

Lab scale nitrogen gas generator based on both the PSA as well as KOH Electrolyte based Membrane separation technologies. These generators are especially designed for the lab use and to meet the requirements like analytical flow and purity of gas. They produce fundamental nitrogen for the medicinal or laboratory uses. Nitrogen produced using these technologies are 99.99% pure and the generators are generally utilized at a reasonable costs.



Type of Systems: PSA and Membrane partition

Purity levels : 99.0 to 99.9995% depending upon the technology and model

Pressure: 65 PSIG for Membrane based Systems

Types Of Compressor : Oil free wobble free from Germany which can be mounted inside or externally in a separate enclosure depending upon the system capacity.

Nitrogen Storage Volume : From 50 Liters to 150 Liters relying on the model selected.

Noise : Silent systems for Membrane based systems with noise less than 40 dB.

Power Supply : 230V AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase


Our manufactured nitrogen gas plants are of top notch quality, dependable and are extensively utilized for the industrial facilities.

  •   Aircraft Fuel Tank Inerting
  •   Air-Driven Tools/Machinery
  •   Beverage Mixing/Dispensing
  •   Cement Plants
  •   Chemical Plants/Refineries
  •   Oil Recovery Enhancement/Oil Extraction

Key Benefits

  •   Continuous, uninterrupted supply
  •   Compact Modular Design
  •   Reliable, well-proven technology.
  •   Low power consumption
  •   Long life, low Maintenance
  •   Fast Startup